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transformed, authentic, empowered...


ChristLife exists to help Christian leaders remove the chasm that often exists between what they believe to be true about God and what they're experiencing daily.  All of us have debris in our lives that obscure our view of Gods larger purpose for us. The fastest route to freedom is to journey with someone who has the experience to help you identify and then remove everything that's hindering you from living your life Gods way.


There is no "one-size-fits-all" method for experiencing this type of freedom. Therefore, we use a variety of different tools including the most biblical aspects of modern counseling, as we pray and remain completely dependent on God as our only source of real life change.


ChristLife Ministries has been used to transform Christian leaders from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds.  Our commitment is to also equip these leaders to confidently bring God's healing and life to others, each one restoring one, as God provides the opportunity. 


If you find yourself at an impasse... worn out by expectations, undermined by your own negativity, gripped by unhealthy desire, slowly losing the joy of a real relationship with Jesus... be confident. God will transform or remove everything that hinders you from fulfilling His great call on your life- to love Him with everything and to be a conduit of God's love to the people around you.


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