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Healing struggling marriages

A healthy marriage is one of the most critical aspects of any healthy ministry. However, for some, the path to marital health is so obscured, it seems impossible to find. Several years ago, as I was reflecting on my experience as a pastor, I was shocked by the large number of couples that I'd worked with that were no longer in ministry. Whether it was a moral failure, emotional burnout, unhealthy church environment, they didn't make it. It was during this season that Allie and I were first introduced to Shepherds Heart Ministry. SHM has been used by God to restore hundreds of broken ministry couples all over the world.


So a little over two years ago we began the process of being trained by SHM to do marriage restorations. ChristLife is now being used by God to transform pastoral couples all over the greater Grand Rapids area. Our commitment is to also equip these couples to confidently bring God's healing and life to other leaders within their spheres of influence.

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